Changing Lives
One Heart at a Time

Heart2Heart-Teens' (H2H-Teens) Mission is to improve our community by offering leadership, mentoring and life-skills to at-risks teens.

We support parents of teens by guiding them through a series of 12 classes, offering tools for difficult situations that our teens and children face. Our children face situations such as truancy, drug use, gang involvement, bullying and abusive technology usage. Through our programs, we teach our youth, children and parents to become leaders in their communities; our community. We collaborate with other local originations and create a community to better our teens.

We give families the tools to thrive for a better future, and we are changing society by investing ourt teens; changing lives one heart at a time.
Parent Project ® Changing Destructive Behaviors

The Parent Project is a 12 week intervention program to address and mitigate damaging teen behaviors such as truancy, gang involvement, and drug use. The program is offered in both Spanish and English, and is one of the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion programs in the United States with extensive research and evidence-based results. Community leaders are invited to participate, including local safety officers, professionals and mental-health counselors, and help in establishing a larger network for success. Together we aim to better our community and educate them with the tools to become effective parents and guide their children through gradation. The classes are offered in local schools, churches, and in community centers.

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It is our goal to have at least 2 series of Parent Project programs in 2023, serving over 50 families per year, and an impact to over 200 family members.
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Reach out to us if you will like to be a volunteer or a family interested in attending our programs.